Saturday, April 21, 2007

Cleveland posts RFP for wireless broadband network

The City of Cleveland has just posted the Request for Proposals for Mayor Jackson's planned citywide wireless broadband network.

Excerpts from the RFP's "Objectives" section:

The purpose of the RFP is to select a private-sector partner (a single Provider or group of partnering Providers) to own, fund, design, construct, operate, manage, maintain, repair and upgrade a wireless mesh broadband Internet network infrastructure. The wireless network will be used for the express purpose of increasing the broadband availabilitythroughout the City to improve the quality of life for our citizens, businesses and visitors ...

The City’s private-sector partner (s) would be expected to provide:

• A dedicated and free wireless network for Internet access for the City’s safety and mobile workers to improve worker productivity. The wireless network will enable the City to use modern technology and applications to improve their productivity and deliver better government services more cost-efficiently and effectively. This means the network will be used for public and private purposes with appropriate separation and security for City use as required by the City.

• Affordable, universal Citywide Internet access will be available to citizens, businesses and visitors. Cleveland’s wireless broadband network must reach every neighborhood, every populated area. The City is seeking a proposal that offers free to low-cost service options to every Clevelander and visitor. In addition, non-profit organizations should receive special pricing.

• Free access in parks and other designated public places. Every designated public park, spaces with high-traffic, popular neighborhood destinations (i.e., airports, stadiums, arenas, Public Square, downtown) and other designated destination sites in the City will have free access to the new network.

• Free access in the Recreation Centers, CLIMB (Computer Learning In My Backyard)/CTC Centers or other designated programs, which help to increase Digital Literacy in our neighborhoods and close the gaps of those with access and those without access to modern technology. Building on the success of “Cleveland CTCs and the CLIMB initiative,” the new network must include support for these centers to offer more robust applications to support mobility and digital equity in underserved communities. This includes support for community-based applications, which are meaningful and include computer ownership for low-income households. The City expects a financial commitment to support these types of digital inclusion programs.

• Support for open access to multiple commercial, e.g., ISPs, or institutional service providers. The winning provider will allow other companies to participate in a wholesale model. The winning wireless provider is expected to market wholesale services and market directly to the residential, business and other government subscribers.

Proposals are due on May 19.

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