Thursday, March 1, 2007

Mayor Jackson commits to citywide wi-fi in Cleveland

In his "State of the City" address today, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson said:
I am pleased to announce today that Cleveland will move forward with developing a Citywide WI-FI network, potentially the first in Ohio. This network will provide wireless access throughout all 77 square miles of the City and position us for the future. We will increase our broadband penetration, and begin bridging the digital divide that has adversely affected low-income communities. Cleveland will be recognized as a city of technology. We will have an environment that promotes innovation, and we will be able to compete globally.
No other details have been announced. A wireless planning process involving a number of public and private organizations has been under way at Cleveland City Hall for several months.

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George Nemeth said...

you'd think that since planning has been underway for several months, there'd be more details to share.