Tuesday, January 16, 2007

USA Today: $10 broadband, $20 "naked DSL" from AT&T

There's an article in yesterday's USA Today about affordable broadband deals coming to AT&T customers, as part of the company's recent settlement with consumer groups to get FCC aproval of its merger with BellSouth.

As the article says, AT&T now offers "naked DSL" (i.e. without voice phone service) for about $45 a month, so the settlement cuts its cost by more than half. 768 kbps DSL service with voice phone is now $15 a month, so $10 is less of a big deal -- and it's for new signups only, i.e. it's a marketing rate -- but every little bit helps.

In both cases, however, the new prices are good only where AT&T already has DSL enabled. It's not clear whether the agreement will require AT&T to extend DSL coverage to any more Ohio communities or households than are currently served.

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