Monday, January 15, 2007

National Conference on Media Reform

We are hot news. I spent a good amount of time at the National Conference on Media Reform talking about the One Ohio project. How could I not? Its a tremendous project. And a tremendous story. 1. A governor with a real broadband plan that includes 100% build out, intelligent consideration on how to get there, and funds for digital literacy training. 2. We were involved in the development of that plan. 3. We are taking the appropriate next steps to ensure the plan becomes a reality. Other states are working on broadband plans but do not have the community involvement that we have. Where they do have community involvement is in the development of municipal networks. Our statewide focus is unique. We are groundbreaking. Which is why we garnered a good deal of attention at the Conference and I easily recruited additional Ohio participants to our efforts.

And I must say the policy wonks at the Conference didn't miss the obvious implications that One Ohio was ready for the potential state video franchising bill. They understand we've thought it through and we have a diverse base of support. Yes, hot news we are.

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